Hullo. I'm Charlene, I live in the land of the North, and I am quite fond of cats. I greatly believe in the stars, I am a quiet thinker, and I am constantly looking for the sunshine in everything.

How to cry.

I have so many people that I miss so much.
This distance is breaking my heart.

"You feel nice on my skin
Your name feels nice on my throat
My back aches for your voice in my ear
I will wait for you
I will wait
because you are worth all of it"

I was doing so good the past week.

My anxiety has seemed so insignificant and now all I can think about is my headache and the churning in my stomach due to my anxiety.
I’m so tired of being scared of myself. I’m tired of being constantly afraid of what I might do, or what my mind might do.

I’m not ready to face my problems again.